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Clip Light
Verso: Basics Kit for e-readers.
Rp. 250.000
*Clip Light + 2 sets of batteries
*Neoprene Hoodie

Warna Lampu: Putih
Warna Tas: Hitam

Lampu baca ebook reader dari LightWedge (USA) ini berbeda dengan lampu baca merk lainnya yang terbuat dari LED biasa. Lampu ini sangat terang. Dioperasikan dengan 2 buah baterai CR2032, yang dapat digunakan hingga 20 jam. Lampu ini dapat dijepit pada ebook reader ataupun pada cover casenya. Penjepitnya dilapisi dengan karet pelindung, sehingga tidak akan 'melukai' ebook reader, tidak akan membuat baret casingnya.

Paket ini sudah berikut 2 buah baterai di dalam unit lampunya, plus 2 baterai cadangan lagi. Dan dapat bonus Neoprene Hoodie, tas berbahan karet busa kualitas tinggi. Tas ini dapat menyimpan berbagai merk ebook reader ukuran 6".

Detail produk dan videonya bisa lihat di web site: www.LightWedge.com

Works with: Amazon Kindle Devices, Sony Reader Devices, Nook Devices, Kobo Devices, iRiver Devices, Pandigital Devices, and most other e-readers.

Need to do a little “light” e-reading but your screen isn’t bright enough? The Verso Clip Light attaches perfectly to your e-reader or e-reader cover. It casts an even pool of LED light without any “hot spots” that can accelerate eye fatigue. Reflection or glare from the screen can easily be eliminated by adjusting the flexible neck.

Powerful LED delivers bright, even light.
Flexible neck directs light where needed.
Sturdy clip with cushioned pads stays in place without blocking the screen.
Available in white color.
2 CR2032 batteries (included) provide 20 hours of light.
Works with: Amazon Kindle Devices, Kobo Devices, Sony Reader Devices, Nook Devices, and most other e-readers.

What people are saying...

Verso + Style = Versatile. I ordered this booklight with a reasonable amount of skepticism. In my past experience, booklights have been bulky, clunky, heavy, and they all seem to drain their batteries really quickly. However, this is far from the case with the stylish and small Verso. Good things come in sleek packages. The design of the product fits right in with the style of the Kindle.

First of all, the Verso is compact. It's small enough to fold up and easily fit into your purse or pocket. Second, it clips onto my Kindle with ease, and works even with the leather case I have. The design of the Verso clip is done in such a way that it conforms to the shape of your Kindle. Third, the Verso is extremely lightweight. It doesn't weigh down the Kindle, and the responsive bendable arm makes comfortable adjustment a cinch. You also don't need to have it directly over the Kindle to give you enough light while reading.

Which brings me to my final and perhaps most important point: the Verso is BRIGHT. But not 'ah! there's glare on my screen!' bright. It gives the perfect amount of natural looking light that is easy on the eyes. It also comes with two spare replaceable batteries, but I honestly can't imagine using those anytime soon. I've been using the Verso with my Kindle every night since I purchased it, and it shows no signs of fading.

With these awesome features and ease of use, the Verso was a strong contender when I was shopping for booklights. The $19.99 price just sealed the deal. Overall, it's a fantastic product for the money, and I would highly recommend it to those looking for a little e-book illumination.

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